Applications Open for the Empower Social Entrepreneurship Program


Ready to create a valuable solution for positive change?

 You’re invited to participate in the

Empower Social Entrepreneurship Training Program

June 22 – July 1, 2021

 Learn how to:

  • Identify and create new opportunities
  • Develop a business proposal
  • Deliver value to the Tamale community

The Empower Social Entrepreneurship training program will help you learn how to identify, create, and deliver a valuable business solution for the Tamale community and Ghana. It is a social entrepreneurship program that will teach you how to master essential skills for concept creation and business plan development of new programs, products, or services.  Selected participants are invited to join a two-week online training program where aspiring youth entrepreneurs and business school mentors will collaborate in teams. Participants learn how to become social entrepreneurs in order to identify and solve community challenges that can be transformed into business opportunities, from concept to plan to execution.

You will be able to present your business idea and solution to a jury on the last day of the program.  The two-week training program is delivered over eight days (4-hour sessions) with the below themes:

June 22 – 25, 9h-12h, Phase 1 – Understanding Problems and Creating Solutions

– Social Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, and Creativity

– Understanding Customer Needs and Field Research Techniques

June 25 – July 1, 9h-12h, Phase 2 – Making it Happen: Turning Ideas Into Actions

–Concept Prototype and Business Model Proposal

– Action Plan and Final Business Pitch


Join us for a unique online learning experience delivered by international innovation professors and hosted by HOPin Academy with support from local innovation leaders. You will learn how to create positive change for social innovation and create your own business opportunities in Ghana. To apply and register for this special pilot training program, please complete and submit the ESE application by May 31st 2021. Apply here. 

The Empower Social Entrepreneurship Training Program will be delivered by Dr. Karina R. Jensen, an international innovation expert, and professor. She will also host local and international guest speakers to share knowledge on social entrepreneurship. The social entrepreneurship training program will use the latest design thinking and creativity methods combined with strategic business planning and execution. The eight-day training program includes a pre-study online module and eight-morning sessions held from June 22 – July 1. Professor Jensen looks forward to providing you with an interactive online learning experience for social entrepreneurship!



Dr. Karina R. Jensen

Founder and Executive Director, Global Minds Network

Practice Professor of Global Innovation and Leadership, NEOMA Business School

Karina R. Jensen is an international management consultant, change facilitator, and educator with 20+ years of experience in launching and leading international business and education initiatives. She founded Global Minds Network in the US, an international advisory dedicated to global innovation readiness for leaders and teams. She is currently a Practice Professor of Global Innovation and Leadership at NEOMA Business School in France. Her teaching and research interests are focused on global innovation, leadership, creativity, and multicultural team collaboration. She launched the Empower Social Entrepreneurship Program for youth in 2019 through a pilot program in Nepal. Dr. Jensen is the author of the book Leading Global Innovation and she earned her PhD from ESCP Business School in France.



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