We have a wide range of programs tailored towards helping young people discover themselves and opportunities and also shape the ideas into realities.

Digital Skills Training

We offer world-class training over a wide range of transferable skills ranging from entrepreneurship to next-gen technology.

Business Incubation and Acceleration

Our incubator program provides five weeks of training or more on Self-Discovery, Idea Generation, Business Development, ...

HOPin Enterprises for Development

HOPin Enterprises for Development is an intervention that has been created to engage past students (Entrepreneurs) of the incubation program to enhance the sustainability of their businesses.


Given our nearly decade long experience working with young people all over Ghana and primarily in Northern Ghana, we have developed a community of entrepreneurs, idealists, strategists, government policy influencers et al, Find below our communities.


The SEED initiative is a partnership between HOPin Academy and FANT Denmark which aims at promoting sports as a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among young individuals in Northern Ghana. This will help them sustain their own future which will contribute to poverty alleviation and economic growth.


We have proven success in discovering business owners and nurturing their growth. We are continuing this work through ...

Mentorship & Coaching

We offer access to mentors with expertise and experience in diverse fields. Mentors come from local and int...

Startup Events

We host events in-house and external events for our communities, trainees startups, etc which is open to everyone.

Female Tailored

We have a wide range of programs tailored towards helping young women and mothers discover opportunities...

HOPin Design Bootcamp

Our Annual Design Bootcamp convenes design enthusiasts and professionals accross Northern Ghana to learn and share current principles of design and explore new technologies and tools for design. The bootcamps range over a divide of design areas including UI for web and mobile platforms, Motion graphics and Animation.

Teen Mothers Entrepreneurship Support Program

We are making a deliberate effort to promote gender inclusion in all our programs. Teen mothers are usually left out in most entrepreneurship programs and we seek to bridge that gap. We train them on soap making, baking, etc and also some soft skills including basic accounting and marketing etc. We also ensure there is a safe space for their babies as they undergo the training.

Social Media Weekend

In 2019, we premiered our maiden event of #TamaleSMW which was themed "JINATOBU" a Dagbanli word which translates as engagement or discussion in English. We sought to engage the youth and other stakeholders in Tamale on discussions around how we can use social media as a vehicle to drive innovation, promote the Northern story and activism.

Fix That Pump

HOPin Academy in collaboration with the Schmitz foundation together with some water experts in borehole water, and rural authorities are working to develop Innovative solutions and approaches to increase the durability and sustain clean and affordable borehole water which rural communities are dependent for their water supply in Northern Ghana. That birthed the initiative dubbed Fix that Pump. One of the ways we seek to do this is by renovating old hand pumps and much more.

IoT Training Program

Internet of Things is an interconnection of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data or perform unique and specific tasks. The annual program brings together young innovators in one space for mentorship and guidance towards using unique tech ideas to create and solve social problems and challenges.

Fellowship and Internship

Our fellowship program is designed to give fellows an immersive experience helping to build and scale businesses in emerging markets. Fellows are assigned to entrepreneurs-in-training to provide support in equipping trainees with entrepreneurial mindsets, developing ideas, business models, refining products and services and taking them to market to scale.

Returnee Migrants Training

Hopin Academy has devised both physical and psychological steps, training’s and modules to help stop and reduce illegal migration and to provide perspectives for those who are returning. These are conducted through, Training and Mentorship The training is delivered with the aim of training them to create and to manage their own business successfully, handle their budgets effectively and to understand the true meaning of entrepreneurship.
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