For the past six years, we have been actively training young individuals in business development to enable an active entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ghana.

Incubation Graduation - 2022

The 2022 first cohort of Incubation was not rolled out from the incubation sole purpose of equipping young entrepreneurs with tools, resources, mentorships and financial grants that would enable them to become stable and self-sufficient businesses and also understand the internal and external components of their business.

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Incubation Graduation - 2020

Our 2020 incubation span eight weeks. The training was a blend of business development and technology tools that were relevant for the growth of startups.

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Incubation Graduation - 2019

Our 2020 incubation span eight weeks with 30 trainees. The training was a blend of business development, Market research, and also a practical exposure of trainees to technology tools that were essential for the SME’s.

Meet Our startups - First Cohort (2022)

Alhassan Alhassan and Diana Bayor


M.I Network is an online media platform that offers live feeds such as panel discussions, news, reality shows and entertainment to the public.

Theophilus Morrison, Bernice Beliebe Shaibu-Waale


Demipearl Company Limited is an Agro Processing company, into groundnut products, which has been in existence since August 2020, and has at least 6 employees

Fortune Esedinam Adikari Gbol, Juliet Wepaare Gbolo, Frenk Wie Saatiero


Creating an innovative business in the art market where art products dominantly made of electronic waste are sold, these artworks are peculiar in telling stories with an addition of beautifying a setting.

Abdul-Fatawu Abdulai, Issah Radia, Saani Khadija


We are basically using plants to prevent the spread of mosquitoes to prevent malaria.

Fathia Wunpini Zakaria, Sule Mardia Zakaria,


recycling of agricultural waste to a more efficient and clean source of fuel for cooking

Tiborgnan J Moses, Tampouri A. Marijanata


A rice farming that aims to promote modernized rice irrigation farming



Rearing of Livestocks



A mobile app that helps connect house owners and their potential Clients(Tenants). The app allows customers to find and rent houses in their comfort zones.

Meet Our startups - First Cohort (2020)

Raha Zakaria


Raha comes from Tamale and studies BSc Development Education at the University for Development Studies. She aims to produce customized bracelets for both genders.

Learn about Rahas startup

David K. Osemboanyor


David comes from Tamale and studies Integrated Business Studies at UDS. His startup provides visitors a serene atmosphere relax, and relieve stress through listening to soothing music, etc, and also provides massages.

Learn about David's Startup

Lucy Evelyn Ayamga


Lucy studies BSc Nutrition. Lucy's startup provides a complete bundle of services to smallholder farmers in a single vendor with no upfront payments-especially women. Farm inputs and services are provided to the Smallholder farmers on credit.

Learn About Lucy's startup

Alhassan Abdul Rashid W


Rashid is into vegetable E-Commerce service called Ummy Farms which provides an enabling platform where other vegetable farmers and business people are connected for easy access to vegetables when orders are placed. In Addition, he offers delivery at a fee.

Learn about Ummy Farms

Aninganigu Martha


Martha studies Fashion Design and Textiles at the Tamale Technical University. She uses woven fabric to create bags, sandals earrings straight dresses, and tops for ladies. She also intends to open a center where she will be training young people who are interested in learning to better their lives.

Learn about Matha's Startup

Abdul Razak Kawi


Abdul Razak studies General Course at University for Bimbila College of Education. Abdul started a Cleaning service that includes home, commercial, and event cleaning services. He also offers Laundry services which include washing and ironing.

Learn about Abdul's Startup

Asani Bintu


Bintu is an undergraduate in High National Diploma in Accounting at Wa Polytechnic. Bintu's startup is into fruits and local drink's production. She seeks to give her customers the value for money with healthy and nutritious drinks.

Learn about Bintu's Startup

Rahama Farms


We are into the cultivation of the Moringa plant and the production of Moringa powder to solve malnutrition in pregnant women and children in northern Ghana.

Learn about Rahama Farms

Chenti Farms


Chenti farm is a startup that will be dealing in raising day-old birds for Their eggs and later in 2 years dispose of them as meat to make way for another badge of birds

Learn about Chenti Farms

Zunuo Adeline Lucky


Allure gifts hub offers the best and most affordable gifts and hampers for all occasions! Curated to meet your taste and budget, with nationwide delivery.

Learn About Allure Gifts

Selorm Adzimah

Founder of EcoWillow Ghana

EcoWillow Ghana is a climate action focused enterprise in the sale of organic/ exotic fruit/herb seedlings to encourage self-sustainability and a green lifestyle.

Learn about EcoWillow

Farouk George

Founder of Yomeplus

Yomeplus hand planter is a device aimed at reducing direct contact to chemicals in seeds, improving yields by 40%, and make the process of planting three times faster.

Learn about Yomeplus

Mohammed Abukari Gaskia

Co-founder of Sokam Farms

Sokam Farms is a startup focusing on innovative ways of rearing Guinea Fowls with standard heath practices and precautions from guinea keets to matured birds

Learn about Sokam Farms

Rukaya Abdul Hamid

Co-founder of Amaraaba Decor

Rukaya co-founds a startup that is into decoration and rental services. We provide chairs and canopies for all events, event planning, and organizing and also provide colorfull backdrops (decoration) for all even

Learn about Amaaraba Decor

Alhassan Abdul Hafiz

Co-founder of Yumzaa Dawadawa

Yumzaa Dawadawa is a start-up focusing on drying and packaging Dawadawa in cube-like forms. We provide properly dried and neatly packaged Dawadawa cubes.

Learn About Yumzaa Dawadawa
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