Who We Are

We are an innovation hub providing goal-oriented, practice-oriented learning for young people harnessing technology. Our programs cover entrepreneurship, digital communication, Information Technology, video production, and business consultancy. As a social enterprise, we  reinvest profits made through business consultancy and collaborative projects in empowering young people to realize their potential by providing a space for learning, idea generation and development of a startup entrepreneurial Eco-system as means of contributing to sustainable development. We are also engaged in educational innovation to ensure that entrepreneurship becomes part of the core subjects within Basic Schools in Ghana.  

Organizational Structure


Executive Board


MacCarthy MacGbathy


Ahmed Saalim Iddrisu

Deputy Director

Raihana Abdul Kadiri

Acceleration Programs Manager

Samuel Owusu

Programs and Operations officer

Suguru Dora

Admin and Human Resource Manager

Abdul Halik Abdul Karim

Projects and Programs Officer

Mohammed Yahaya

Finance Officer

Bayor Diana

Finance Officer-NSP

Masahudu Saeedatu

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Muniratu Abdullai

Startup Portfolio Manager

Augustina Abariche

Administrative Officer

Abdul Malik Issifu

Hub Facility Manager

Cindy Apania

Projects Manager-Fix That Pump

Khadija Braimah Michelle

Programs Intern

Douglas Baiden

Projects Officer - Fix That Pump

Katstriku Perpetual

Projects Intern -Fix That Pump

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