HOPin Academy Partners with ProjeKt Inspire to Replicate their Project STEM Park (Science Centre) in Ghana, Northern Region

5th July 2023.
HOPin Academy Partners with ProjeKt Inspire to Replicate their Project STEM Park
(Science Centre) in Ghana, Northern Region
HOPin Academy has formed a transformative partnership with ProjeKt Inspire, a Social Enterprise
that operates in Tanzania with the mission to improve the quality of STEAM Education.
The partnership will allow HOPin Academy to replicate ProjeKts Inspire’s STEM Park (Science Centre)
in the Northern Region of Ghana.
The STEM Park will serve as a resource centre for children, youth and teachers. It offers an
opportunity for these target groups to learn and explore Science, Technology, Engineering and
Mathematics (STEM) phenomena in an interactive way.
HOPin Academy believes the Park will provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning through
practical experiments and a comprehensive development program designed to train and inspire
children to be prepared for a competitive labour and entrepreneurship market.
Through this partnership, HOPin Academy seeks to ignite a passion for STEM education among
Ghanaian students, unlocking their potential and opening doors to a world of opportunities.
ProjeKt Inspire has gained both local and international acclaim for its revolutionary initiatives, with its
STEM Park serving as a flagship project. Located in Tanzania, this state-of-the-art Science Centre
has transformed STEM education by providing a dynamic and immersive learning environment.
ProjeKt Inspire in 8 years of operations in Tanzania, has established 2 science centers (STEM
PARKS) and developed a National STEM Network through its STEM Park franchises.
By leveraging ProjeKt Inspire’s expertise and experience, HOPin Academy aims to replicate the
accomplishment of the STEM Park and implement similar projects in the Northern region.
This is in line with the goals of HOPin to empower young individuals with the necessary knowledge,
skills, and mindset to thrive in the 21st-century digital economy.
Access to quality STEM education has been a challenge in many underserved communities in
Northern Ghana. The partnership seeks to bridge this gap by providing equal opportunities to
individuals from all backgrounds, regardless of their socio-economic status.

HOPin Academy is dedicated to ensuring the long-term viability and impact of the project by
establishing partnerships with local educational institutions, government bodies, and community.
stakeholders. By ensuring collaboration and knowledge-sharing, this initiative will create a strong
ecosystem that sustains and grows STEM education opportunities in the region.
HOPin is still committed to the development of the youth and continues to serve as the Prime
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Support Organization in Northern Ghana.

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