Empowering SMEs in Northern Ghana: The NEIP Startup Acceleration Program in Tamale by HOPin Academy

The National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP), in collaboration with HOPin Academy embarked on the startup Acceleration Program in Tamale, a groundbreaking initiative designed to nurture the growth and success of SMEs across the various regions in Ghana.

The NEIP Startup Acceleration Program is an initiative under the Ghana Economic Transformation Project (GETP) with support from the World Bank and Ministry of Finance.

The NEIP Startup Acceleration Program, a government initiative, has long recognized the pivotal role of startups and SMEs in stimulating economic development. Through its partnership with HOPin Academy in Tamale, the NEIP Startup Acceleration Program provided an integrated support system that addresses the unique challenges and needs of local businesses in Tamale.



The two years collaboration for the implementation of this program saw HOPin Academy graduate two cohorts of empowered entrepreneurs who are ready to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

Unlike traditional business support programs, the NEIP Startup Acceleration Program stands out for its tailored approach to business acceleration. Each participating MSME received personalized assistance, ensuring that the support provided is directly relevant to their specific needs.

This methodological precision maximized the impact of the program, fostering the sustainable growth and development of these businesses.

The program ensures a thorough in-depth needs assessment conducted on the businesses through on-site visits, allowing for the crafting of customized training plans for the beneficiaries.

The consultancy and training phase were delivered in groups based on similar needs and covered a wide range of critical business skills from bookkeeping to investor readiness.

MacCarthy Mac-Gbathy, the Executive Director of HOPin Academy believes that “the NEIP Startup Acceleration Program breeds a new era of entrepreneurial empowerment in Northern Ghana. By equipping SMEs with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive, the program is setting the stage for a future where local businesses are not just surviving, but flourishing, driving economic prosperity, and shaping a dynamic and prosperous Northern Ghana.”

This initiative represents a significant investment in the region’s economic future, signaling confidence in the potential of Northern Ghanaian SMEs to become a driving force for growth and development.

As the NEIP Startup Acceleration Program unfolds subsequently, it promises to unlock new opportunities, foster innovation, and build a stronger, more vibrant business ecosystem in Northern Ghana.

HOPin Academy is a renowned hub for entrepreneurship and innovation in Northern Region. Muniratu Abdullai, the project coordinator in charge of the NEIP Startup Acceleration Program at HOPin Academy expresses the organization’s joy and privilege to have implemented the program in Tamale.

Other businesses and MSMEs are encouraged to regularly visit the social media platforms and websites of HOPin Academy for many other opportunities.

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