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What makes Hopin Academy tick!


To give people the relevant tools, platforms and resources to reach their goals.

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Who We Are

Hopin Academy is an innovative entrepreneurial organization, providing goal-oriented, participatory, practice-oriented learning with the aid of technology. We bring together the best content from the internet and apps connect it to our students. We combine it with a strong community and personal support in order for them to become competitive on the labor market and reach their personal objectives as entrepreneurs by the end of the courses.

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To help people become aware of their personal potential in order to create a more happy and thriving society.

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How We Do It

The learner either comes with a specific learning goal or is encouraged to define one in the process. A goal could be to learn starting your own business, or to edit video or to write a good blog post. We then use free resources online, particularly instructional videos on Vimeo and Youtube that the learners can see at home. In class they can come and practice what they have learned. The learners can either decide to work alone with the help of our facilitator, or in a group, if they can find a common project to work on. When the project is completed, we assess the next step to take for each learner. Could be to take another class, start a business, apply for a job or apply for education elsewhere. It is a bottom-up approach based on the individual student’s skills and goals. We believe that this is the way to motivate people. Also it is the way to build up a deeper understanding of the reason why the students want to develop a particular skill.

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