Unlocking Women and Technology (UWAT) is a Flagship Program of iSpace Foundation, a
Tech and innovative hub based in Accra. UWAT aims at empowering women to dominate the
tech industry by equipping them with tech and creative skills, giving them the opportunity to
learn how to code and startup their own businesses. We provide trainings on Web Application,
Mobile Application, Business Development trainings and funds for women to kick start their
The importance of technology cannot be overemphasised, hence iSpace has seen the need to
target women nationwide to provide this same opportunity with the support from our funders.
iSpace will be partnering with local Tech hubs to execute this task,we want to introduce 30+
women to web development and many more opportunities.




A t the end of the program:
● Participants should be equipped with the basics of HTML and should be able to build a
website for an idea they have.
● Participants will demo their projects.
4.1. Activity and Work Plan
● A Maximum of Five(5) Tutors Shortlisted by the hubs will be interviewed by UWAT
● Resident hubs will be actively involved in the Publicity of the Program both online and
offline. Website: http://www.unlockingwat.com/#/register
● UWAT team is responsible for purchasing and printing of Tshirts,Banners and other
marketing merchandise .
● There will be 2 visits from UWAT team before the commencement of the program.
● 1) Inspection of the space and familiarising with the partner organisation and also a brief
interview with the shortlisted tutors after which the final selection would be made.
● 2) Visit to admit and orient the female recruits for the program.
● The program will officially commence on the 15th of January 2018


This project aims to train minimum of 30+ women between the age group of 18- 35 years in each

Partner Hubs Activities


UWAT Nationwide will be managed by the resident hub, with supervision from the UWAT team
in Accra.
iSpace Foundation will finance the following:
– Rental of the space
– Tutor Fees.
– Final Demo Day Pitch.
Social Media Management: The Social media manager for each resident hub will be actively in
tune with the UWAT social media team to push weekly posts with the hashtag
Posts include : 30 seconds video of class, pictures of ladies during class, tweets and updates of
experience from ladies, creative blog posts from ladies in the program.
Report : Resident hubs will provide weekly reports on progress and attendance of the
participants. At the end of the 12weeks, resident hubs will provide report on the training



UWAT Team Accra,will be responsible for evaluation of the participants every 6 weeks. Which
include sharing of evaluation forms, suggestion forms.
All Partnering hubs will submit their comprehensive report on the project 1 week after the final
pitch of the Participants.