Youth Speak Up


The primary target group is 160 youth composed as follows:

1. 24 youth community journalists (CJs)

2. 4 youth listener clubs (LCs) consisting of 20-25 youth each

3. 4 Youth Centre Management Committees (YCMCs) consisting of 11 members each

These youths will all benefit from direct training and other forms of capacity building. The community journalists and the listeners’ clubs will have equal gender distribution. The YCMCs are already in existence with a less balanced gender distribution, but YEfL is working with the youth centres to ensure at least 40% females in the YCMCs.

The secondary target group is made up of the youth centres in the 4 districts, representing approx. 15 youth groups and an average of 170 youth per Centre, who will be the first level of trickle-down through exposure to podcasts, films, visuals etc. produced in the project, and training by CJs and LCs in use of social media. Further, youth in the four districts, and in other districts covered by the local radio stations, as well as youth in Northern Region covered by the regional radio station can be considered as a secondary target group. Northern Region has a population of approx. 2.5 million………read more