December 9, 2016



Yakubu Fusseini Nayi. Entrepreneur 1 Graduated HND marketing at Tamale Polytechnic. Idea: Chicken egg and sheep production. The purpose for this idea is to produce chicken eggs and sheep products to satisfy the growing demand for chicken eggs and sheep products in my region and beyond


Ebennzer Asare: Entrepreneur 2 Idea:Establishment of community savings and investment company The purpose for this establishment is to build the capacity of people in terms of financial savings and investment. It has been my idea to help people realize their aim.

Ibrahim Jabir Mohammed: Entrepreneur 3 Idea: Exporting shea butter. I am into shea butter because I develop a huge passion for processing of Shea Butter. I want to use my passion to get money and with my experience in the Shea Butter processing field. I have grown to be more interested in Contributing to the Processing returns on the part of the local women

Mohammed Firdaos: Entrepreneur 4 Idea: An Actress and African wear business To promote Africa wears with Africa societies and erase poverty by employing the youth through marking and selling of the wears in Africa countries and beyond.

Raymond Osei: Entrepreneur 6 Idea: Establishing a piggery. The purpose of this idea is to help provide specific support to local farmers in the rural northern Ghana who are engaged in small ruminant farming and local poultry.

Patricia Morrison: Entrepreneur 7 3rd year student, Tamale Idea: Producing Sobolo

Salifu Anass Entrepreneur 8 Idea: Soy beans and ground nuts production in the north Gonja district in Ghana. I am a young entrepreneur who is into Soy Beans, groundnut production in the north Goja district in Ghana.

Abdulai Fairuza: Entrepreneur 9 Idea: Farming Rice & Maize. I always aim at being a great time entrepreneur in Agric activities to wipe away the tears of senior High school pupil who always have to be on break just because of shortage of food. I will involve myself in the farming of rice and maize which are the basic food that boarding students depend on during their dining periods.

Mariam Mac-Gbathy Entrepreneur 10 School: University of Development Studies, Tamale Idea: Producing shirts with African print and Slippers with beads


Matthew & MacCarthy: Entrepreneur 11 Idea: Computer Software. The purpose of this idea is to create a simple, fast and easy to use computer program booklet

NII OKAI SACKEY PRINCE Entrepreneur 12 Idea: Gifted Hands is a social organization with the aim of establishing an ultramodern training institute that will gather young children from our homes, farms, streets and the markets providing them with good and quality training in playing and handling of the musical instrument, IT, photography, fashion, and interior decor. This training will go a long way to see this young and beautiful children who are endowed with great talents but are on the streets see their talents being transformed into a great profession

Konam Emmanuel: Entrepreneur 13 Student of NMTC, Tamale Idea: Guinea Fowl Production. The purpose of this production is to make some good income and to also empower people(unemployed) financially since farming is the main employer in the north with guinea fowl production/farming on the surge

Mercy Sakiokor Hammond: Entrepreneur 14 Idea: Jewellery with both Beads and Soft metals. The purpose of this idea is to make bracelets, fixings damaged beaded jewelries and cloths handbags etc

Name: Christian Entrepreneur 15                    Idea: CHILD EDUCATION, limiting the rate of child abuse, child neglect and bringing back the street children into the classroom in other for them to have access to quality education in the northern part of Ghana. Education is the key to success and every child need to be educated.

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