About Incubator

About the Entrepreneurship Incubator


The Entrepreneurship Incubator is a platform created to train, coach, mentor, guide, and network the youth who are out there in the society or region to be able to start their own small micro businesses or (social) projects which will create livelihood for themselves and their families. With the mind on the young person trying to start this, they need the space, the human resource, the technical support, the training, the coaching and possible networking to be able to start this professionally and also guide them during this period in the incubator to help them either gain the capacity to carry on the task of developing themselves to get a job in the job market after school.

Having identified this challenge; the Hopin Start – Entrepreneurship Incubator shall serve as a learning space for people to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, attitude and skills start-ups and also provide the needed mentorship and training for starters to nurture and grow their businesses and projects. The physical space shall provide an inspiring place with good internet connectivity, resources, connections and product or service training.

There are two courses available:

6 months’ course

The 6-month course is for beginners. So it is especially focused on students who like to start some business or projects, but don’t have any experience with it and don’t have a concrete idea.

3 months’ course

The 3 months’ course is for students which already have more experience with entrepreneurship. And already started with their idea, but need some extra support.

The training we provide during these courses:

  • Idea development
  • Self-discovering
  • Business modeling and revenue streams
  • Market and customer orientation
  • Finance, budgeting
  • Idea pitch

12 – 18 months included

After the 6 or 3 months’ program, there is still the opportunity to learn more, or to be mentored to really set up your business. In the period after the course, you can stay connected with Hopin. And we will mentor and guide you. So in total included the course you follow, you can stay connected with us for 12 till 18 months.


If you want to sign up for one of these courses, you can go to the desk of Hopin and ask for a form, which you can fill in. Or fill in the online form, mail it to us and you will get further instructions.